How To Connect The Line Output Converter To The Car Stereo?

Posted on Sep 29, 2020 in Home Recording Studio

How To Connect The Line Output Converter To The Car Stereo?

When you are having the car then you know the importance of the stereo system in them. The stereo system is the oy thing which entertains you all along with your travel. In the before days, to connect the stereo system in the car there you need so much of twisted and bare wires which are get stocked into the clamps.

Now the things are changed that is upgraded with the help of today’s technology. You can replace all those wires with the RCA jack. Still now most of the car making use of the single wire that is to connect the head of stereo to the speakers, in that place, you can make use a line output converter and the process of installation is easy.

Installation of the line output converter

Here are the steps involved in installing the line output converter is explained;


You have to start by locating the wires that are running from the head of the stereo or from the amplifier to the speakers. In most of the cases, you can access the wires from the backside of the head unit. So carefully look for the place where the wire starts from.


When you have identified the wire you have to remove them carefully, here you can make use of the wire strippers that is to avoid the damaging of wire. From each wire, you have to remove about 1 inch of insulation. Then connect the left channel of the line output converter to the left speakers and similarly connect the right channel of the line output converter to the right speakers, respectively.



After connecting the respective line output converter to their appropriate wires of speakers, you have to attach them. For that, you can use the soldering machine, which attaches both line output converter, and stereo wires with the help of heat or you can also make use of electrical tape to hook up LOC, it is your wish. Then plug the RCA cables from the line output converter to the amplifier.


Now you have to adjust the amplifier gain level to a medium setting, switch on the stereo, and then adjust the volume to your comfortable volume range. To adjust the distortion in line output converter you can make use of a screwdriver.

Final thoughts

These are the steps you have to follow if you are looking to connect the line output converter with your car stereo equipment.